Friday, March 25, 2011

Brooks Gear

Ok, my Brooks wear got here...thanks John!!  What great stuff...The Brooks jacket is has everything you could possibly need....the sleeves have an extra piece of material for the finger slots...their is a place for your MP3 player, and extra pocket for your the normal 2 zippered pockets...plenty of air pockets in the jacket...there is nothing that Brooks has  is great...I will post a pic friend Sheri will have to help me...I am not tech I will try my 2 is short sleeve so I may need to wait a bit..but the other is for night running it is loaded with reflectors and bright to come....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Can't wait...I got in touch with Brooks, as I use their sneakers faithfully and have all my runners in them..they will be sending me some apparel to try out and blog great is this..I can't wait to receive, try out and then tell you about.....gotta run

Shamrock Half Marathon

It was a windy morning, but the excitement was high...the night before we had our pasta and lots of sister and Kelli could take it on the road they are so funny.  Our plan was to stick together but there were too many of us at just a little bit time and Kim ran and finished in a 2:01 for Kim and a 2:07 for Phil....Kelli wanted anything under a 2:24...she ran a 2:21...Gayle wanted a 2:30...well she got a 2:31...Shannon wanted under a 2:40, we got her in at friend Patti was going to run/ after I got everyone else in...I decided I would wait for her about 500 yards from the finish (I did not go over the finish line as I would not be able to go back)...I figured I would wait until the Garmin stated 3:00...well I had half an hour to I decide let me just turn around smell the ocean, feel the 25 mpg gust of wind on my face and soak in the sun....well, in that time...Ms Pattie ran past me, without my I waited un 3:07 on my Garmin as I was a frozen popsicle...mean while Pattie is up in the room having a nice hot about that???  Everyone did great/goals were all met and I do believe some decided they have a lot more confidence in their running!!  Until next time...I will post some pics soon...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Countdown begins

So, the countdown begins, we have put in our miles, not missed a run and the girls are ready for their first 1/2 marathon...we cant wait.  The green bandanas and green socks have been bought.  Kelli reminded me the other day it was exactly 6 months ago that she could only run 3 minutes walk 2 minutes for 30 minutes and next week we will be running 13.1 miles...what an accomplishment.  Just goes to show you, you can do anything you put your mind/heart into.  So for anyone who is running, we hope to see you there.....of course at the finish line!! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

11 mile Long run

Well, perfect day for a run...7:15, great weather so we head out...great run until the last 1.5 miles for me...the girls did back was really hurting and my stomach was not feeling really back to school and ended up having a fever...hopefully not the stomach bug again...The girls did excellent, they felt great and now have the self confidence to know that they are going to be running a 1/2 marathon in just a few weeks and will easily finish and hopefully enjoy every moment.  Next week is a 5/3/6...gotta run...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday's Long Run

Today was only 6 miles but it was 7 degrees with the wind chill a -4 degree run...we all struggled through it due to the cold...I do not think I personally warmed up until late in the afternoon..but it is behind us and we have a fun week to look forward to...6/3/11...the numbers keep going far, we have taken it easy, no injuries and we have had a lot of fun...starting to buy all green things for the run...socks, bandanas....can't wait...looking forward to this weeks 11 miler....gotta run off for a mile swim

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Run This Week

7:30 is always...but no we do have cold nice weather...10 miles is our goal today...have Gu in our pockets warming up...we are ready....everything was perfect..the conversation, the company and the weather....our first 3 miles flew by as we just were like 3 old ladies who had not seen each other in awhile and the rest went by just the same...we tried some pineapple Gu..not my favorite...Chocolate Gu..was great...tasted like a tootsie I think we will stick with them and Kelli and Leann tried some jelly beans, which were we got all caught up on our girlie talk, tasted and found our favorite Gu and finished our 10 mile run in 1:47....we did our 9 this week and previously in 1:37 so our last mile ended as a 10 minute mile which was great for all of us......I am very proud of my girlies...they are doing so great!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday's Long Run

Ok...Friday was another snow no long run today...Kelli ended up running her 9 miles on the treadmill...1:40...we all decided to run on Saturday (my 45th birthday) at was very cold but we got thru it...we were chased by a dog who ended up knocking me down on the main road....don't worry I was very graceful.  we were frozen ice pops when we were done, and unfortunately none the wiser.  We all went to The Hub (a local coffee spot) and had coffee, hot cocoa and tea, where we celebrated out 1:37 run and my birthday...All in all a great day!!  Gayle ran her first 9 miles in NJ by herself in a 1:37...Looks like we will all be finishing approximately the same time!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

8 Mile Run

It was 7:30 in the morning a very cold and snowy morning...however, we braved the weather with great warm company and conversation...we all got through it unscathed....Kelli has gotten through her first 8 mile run...YEAH!!...she couldn't believe how great she felt and that a few months ago..was walking 2 minutes and running 3...and now has an 8 mile run under her belt...I love that conversation when someone realizes their potential is only as limited as they allow it to be and that anyone can truly do whatever they set their mind to do...very proud....Gayle has her 8 mile run today...I know she will do great, we ran together in NJ for a 7....The girls did try out some tangerine GU at mile 3 and Kelli really felt it helped...waiting to hear from Gayle on her experience...I will keep you updated....have a great week!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Training

Week of 1/6:    6/3/8 miles we run M/W/Friday
Week of 1/10:  5/3/6 miles
Week of 1/17:  6/3/9 miles
Week of 1/24:  5/3/6 miles
Week of 1/31:  6/4/10 miles....

I remember when I trained for my very first half marathon...after I ran my first 10 miles I felt like a was the greatest feeling ever...when I finished my first half...after 13.1 miles...I said to mysef...I still feel like I can do more....hence the full marathon I did in Chicago the next year......