Friday, February 18, 2011

11 mile Long run

Well, perfect day for a run...7:15, great weather so we head out...great run until the last 1.5 miles for me...the girls did back was really hurting and my stomach was not feeling really back to school and ended up having a fever...hopefully not the stomach bug again...The girls did excellent, they felt great and now have the self confidence to know that they are going to be running a 1/2 marathon in just a few weeks and will easily finish and hopefully enjoy every moment.  Next week is a 5/3/6...gotta run...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday's Long Run

Today was only 6 miles but it was 7 degrees with the wind chill a -4 degree run...we all struggled through it due to the cold...I do not think I personally warmed up until late in the afternoon..but it is behind us and we have a fun week to look forward to...6/3/11...the numbers keep going far, we have taken it easy, no injuries and we have had a lot of fun...starting to buy all green things for the run...socks, bandanas....can't wait...looking forward to this weeks 11 miler....gotta run off for a mile swim

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Run This Week

7:30 is always...but no we do have cold nice weather...10 miles is our goal today...have Gu in our pockets warming up...we are ready....everything was perfect..the conversation, the company and the weather....our first 3 miles flew by as we just were like 3 old ladies who had not seen each other in awhile and the rest went by just the same...we tried some pineapple Gu..not my favorite...Chocolate Gu..was great...tasted like a tootsie I think we will stick with them and Kelli and Leann tried some jelly beans, which were we got all caught up on our girlie talk, tasted and found our favorite Gu and finished our 10 mile run in 1:47....we did our 9 this week and previously in 1:37 so our last mile ended as a 10 minute mile which was great for all of us......I am very proud of my girlies...they are doing so great!!