Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shamrock Half Marathon

It was a windy morning, but the excitement was high...the night before we had our pasta and lots of laughs...my sister and Kelli could take it on the road they are so funny.  Our plan was to stick together but there were too many of us at just a little bit time differences...so...Phil and Kim ran and finished in a 2:01 for Kim and a 2:07 for Phil....Kelli wanted anything under a 2:24...she ran a 2:21...Gayle wanted a 2:30...well she got a 2:31...Shannon wanted under a 2:40, we got her in at 2:37...my friend Patti was going to run/walk..so after I got everyone else in...I decided I would wait for her about 500 yards from the finish (I did not go over the finish line as I would not be able to go back)...I figured I would wait until the Garmin stated 3:00...well I had half an hour to wait...so I decide let me just turn around smell the ocean, feel the 25 mpg gust of wind on my face and soak in the sun....well, in that time...Ms Pattie ran past me, without my knowing...so I waited un 3:07 on my Garmin as I was a frozen popsicle...mean while Pattie is up in the room having a nice hot shower...how about that???  Everyone did great/goals were all met and I do believe some decided they have a lot more confidence in their running!!  Until next time...I will post some pics soon...

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  1. AWESOME JOB Kris and Gang!! Kris you are a wonderful coach!