Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday's Long Run

Ok...Friday was another snow no long run today...Kelli ended up running her 9 miles on the treadmill...1:40...we all decided to run on Saturday (my 45th birthday) at was very cold but we got thru it...we were chased by a dog who ended up knocking me down on the main road....don't worry I was very graceful.  we were frozen ice pops when we were done, and unfortunately none the wiser.  We all went to The Hub (a local coffee spot) and had coffee, hot cocoa and tea, where we celebrated out 1:37 run and my birthday...All in all a great day!!  Gayle ran her first 9 miles in NJ by herself in a 1:37...Looks like we will all be finishing approximately the same time!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

8 Mile Run

It was 7:30 in the morning a very cold and snowy morning...however, we braved the weather with great warm company and conversation...we all got through it unscathed....Kelli has gotten through her first 8 mile run...YEAH!!...she couldn't believe how great she felt and that a few months ago..was walking 2 minutes and running 3...and now has an 8 mile run under her belt...I love that conversation when someone realizes their potential is only as limited as they allow it to be and that anyone can truly do whatever they set their mind to do...very proud....Gayle has her 8 mile run today...I know she will do great, we ran together in NJ for a 7....The girls did try out some tangerine GU at mile 3 and Kelli really felt it helped...waiting to hear from Gayle on her experience...I will keep you updated....have a great week!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Training

Week of 1/6:    6/3/8 miles we run M/W/Friday
Week of 1/10:  5/3/6 miles
Week of 1/17:  6/3/9 miles
Week of 1/24:  5/3/6 miles
Week of 1/31:  6/4/10 miles....

I remember when I trained for my very first half marathon...after I ran my first 10 miles I felt like a was the greatest feeling ever...when I finished my first half...after 13.1 miles...I said to mysef...I still feel like I can do more....hence the full marathon I did in Chicago the next year......